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Tourist Voucher Russia

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You have to apply Your Russian Visa in any Russian Embassy or Consulate of Russian Federation. The easy way to get Russian Visa is to apply Tourist Voucher Russia (Invitation to Russia). Our web site provides informative support on the obtaining of essential details on Russian federation visa application procedure, please take a note that we are able to provide you with professional service in receiving Tourist Voucher Russia and Confirmation Letter or Business Visa Invitation, also hotel booking and your touristic route arrangement, which will make process of your Russian Visa lighten at any embassy of Russian federation in country of your residentship. To apply the Visa to Russia you can only in the RUSSIAN CONSULATE located in the country of your residence. Visa fee depends of your citizenship. To choose your Consulate to get Russian Visa you can on OFFICIAL SITE of MINISTRY of FOREIGN AFFARE of the RUSSIAN FEDERATION. tourist voucher russia

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         Our experts provides you with full list of service including accommodation in the hotels, apartments or hostels, also guided tours at any of your destinations, transfers cab airport/ hotel/ airport and receiving of tourist voucher russia, to apply for your visa to Russian Embassy. We do our the best according Your individual request for Your Type of Visa. tourist voucher russia tourist voucher russia tourist voucher russia

Order VISA LETTER to Russia Register
  • Complete an application form with all necessary data indication tourist voucher russia
  • You pay our services tourist voucher russia
  • We issue for you an invitation or tourist voucher tourist voucher russia
  • We send an invitation via regular mail, e-mail or by fax tourist voucher russia

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How to apply You Visa Letter / Tourist Voucher Russia/ Business Multiple Invitation

  • You have to apply to one of the Russian General Consulate abroad for getting of Russian visa tourist voucher russia
  • You have to provide the Russian Consulate with your original valid passport and copy or original of Invitation/ Visa Letter or Tourist Voucher Russia
  • Pay consular fee (fee depends of your Visa Letter type, citizenship - contact please the Russian Consulate on your place for an extra information) 
  • You have to fill in the application form for Russian visa tourist voucher russia
  • Get visa in the Russian Federation (processing period form 3 to 14 days)

Information required

After receiving of the invitation or the tourist voucher Russia you have to apply to one of the Russian Consulates abroad. You have to provide the Russian Consulate with your original valid passport together with two copies of your passport and the invitation (tourist voucher), three photos of the same size as in the passport, and to pay a consular fee. In General Consulate you have to fill in the application form. Do not leave the original of your invitation (tourist voucher) in the Consulate. Please contact Russian Consulate in your country for information about visa fees. tourist voucher russia

What is Tourist Voucher or Confirmation Number (as per indication on Visa Application Form)? Tourist Voucher is an obligatory document to open a TOURIST VISA in the Russian Embassy. The document comes forward as an agreement with the Russian Tourist company and the customer. It comes as guarantee for all services (hotel's booking, confirmation of this booking, voucher and tour program on request), and suppose the whole range of responsibility given by the Tourist Company during the trip on the territory of Russian Federation. Tourist Voucher confirms the payment for the services such as could be excursions, hotel reservation, transfer, etc. and guarantee the whole range of responsibility given by the company during the tourist's trip. Can be Single or Double entires, not more that 30 days stay in Russian Federation. Besides for reception of the Multi-Visa you will need to give the medical certificate and a copy of the medical insurance. tourist voucher russia

Next step - book the transfers (Airport/ hotel/ airport), the accommodation at the hotels or apartment (you can use our service to rent your place to stay in Russia), book your travel itinerary (excursion/ guide services, You can choose and book some program offers, some excursions on our site).

We offer You Visa Service without booking of accommodation and additional services. Hotel's booking is for free on request. PAY FOR YOUR ACCOMMODATION ON ARRIVAL.  Kindly book your transfer from the airport to the hotel or apartment for extra charge. 

We offer you 3 different letters with which you can apply for a visa

to Russian Consulate in Your country of residence .

In addition to the usual tourist visa Invitation, you can order business single or multiple visa Invitation Letters. If you are going to visit Russia repeatedly or have a long-term stay in our country, our company can help you to get business single visa with validity from one and up to three months, or business multiple visa up to a year validity. tourist voucher russia

Trip for the term of fewer months with single or double entrances. Cost is 12 euro. This is a tourist voucher Russia/tour voucher/ travel invitation.

Trips till 3 months with single or double entrance. The cost is from 80 euro. This is an invitation for the Business Visa tourist voucher russia

Multiple One Year Visa. The cost is from 90 euro. These are invitations for the Business Visa with confirmation of the Consular Department of the MID of Russian Federation. tourist voucher russia

Business Visa can be issued for the period of one to twelve months and have double or multiple entries. We offer 2 types of Business Invitation Letters: Original - issued by the Administration of Federal Migration Service of Russia (Moscow or St. Petersburg) Telex - an electronic code, which is processed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia and sent immediately to the Russian Consulate

Visa information and support

We can send you the invitation by fax, or by e-mail. In case you request the invitation to the repeated business visa, we shall direct the original of the invitation to your address. Corrections in the form of the invitation are not supposed, infringement of this rule can cause refusal in granting the visa for the long period. The copy of your invitation is sent in the Russian Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Attention for citizens of the migration-risk countries!

A company can apply the invitations to the people of the migration risk countries approved by the Migration service of Russia and The Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Algeria, Angola, Cambodia, Indonesia, Iran, North Korea, Lebanon, Nepal, Malaysia, Iran, Nigeria, Rwanda, Cote d'Ivoire, Somalia, Syria, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Chad, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cameroon, India, Pakistan, Burundi, Cambodia, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Central African Republic etc.) and can help you with arrangements of any kind of travel. The cost of this invitation specified separately for each country. Please contact our managers. We can help you with any visa support as a tourist voucher invitation for up to one month, and any business invitations. You should order hotel accommodation, transfers airport/hotel/airport and guide service for transfers. We provide all services to help you to get Russian Visa. We accept the payments for the invitation letters and vouchers for the people of the migration risk countries via Western Union, Contac-Sys and Money Gramm only! Thanks for your understanding.

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Visa Service to Russia, Travel Invitation Tourist Voucher Russia for 30 days stay in Russia, Double Entires, Best way to order Online for 1 day

Multiple Business Visa to Russia

Multiple Business Invitation Letter for 1 year, Telex Letter Directly to the Russian Consulate to get Russian Visa

Multiple Business Visa Invitation Letter to Russia

Travel Invitation for visa/

Tourist Voucher Russia

It is a single visa with validity up to 30 (thirty) days for tourists who order beforehand tourist services and accommodation in hotels or in a private sector. Such a visa suits one who precisely knows their plans, have the developed route, and are not going to deviate it hardly. With this visa you can enter the Russian Federation once. You can arrive by plane, train, and vessel or by car. Having our company tourist voucher, you can visit any city of Russia. The invitation (tourist voucher Russia) expenses include a cost of accommodation booking for all periods of your stay in Russia. Additional confirmation of booking it is not required. Officially, you must have confirmed an accommodation for every night you will be in the country.
You receive the Invitation or the tourist voucher next working day after the payment.
The most corrections in the invitations or the travel voucher are not supposed. Please ask our managers if you need some possible changes for extra charge.

Business Invitation for visa

Single or double visa with validity from three months to 3 years. This visa suits one who is planning a long travel across Russia or carrying out any negotiations, dealing, research activity, training, and treatment as well. The cost of such a visa varies depending on duration of stay and required quantity of visiting of the Russian Federation.
Info needed for business visa support (as in passport):
  • full name tourist voucher
  • citizenship tourist voucher
  • date of birth tourist voucher
  • passport No tourist voucher
  • exact dates of trip tourist voucher
  • Qualitative x-copy of the passport tourist voucher
  • Place of employment (title of organization, address and phone)
  • job title
  • e-mail address
  • Home address
  • Contact phone
  • City/country where you will apply your visa

Multiple visa

It is a business multiple visa with up to one-year validity, with an opportunity of cumulative stay in the territory of Russian Federation during 180 days. This visa suits one who is planning to repeat visits the Russian Federation with commercial goals or on business affairs. Cost of this visa depends on visa duration and required quantity of days of stay in Russia and your citizenship..
Info needed for business visa support (as in passport):
  • full name
  • citizenship
  • date of birth
  • passport No
  • exact dates of trip
  • Qualitative x-copy of the passport
  • Place of employment (title of organization, address and phone)
  • job title
  • e-mail address
  • Home address
  • Contact phone
  • City/country where you will apply your visa